Être jeune au Luxembourg, qu’est-ce que cela signifie ? Quels sont les problèmes qu’on rencontre ?

A travers leurs témoignages, les élèves du lycée Bel-Val vont montrer la vie d’un jeune au Luxembourg. A travers des ateliers d’écriture, accompagnés par Rodica Draghincescu, universitaire, écrivain, poète, les élèves témoignent  de leur vie quotidienne au Luxembourg.

Thank you kindly for your donations, the package goes out Monday Dec. 19th to make it for their Christmas giving.  This initiative is complete and was a meaningful endeavour to pursue.  In your community, another province, another country, we are all interconnected.  May your moments be filled with a spectrum of colours and the light you see is yours reflected back at you. Cheers! ~ Roxanne

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Hi Roxanne,
December 19th, December 21st and December 23rd were all distribution days where our clients came to pick-up their toy hampers for their children. The 19th and 21st were both over 900 families coming in and the 23rd we had another 100 families. As you can imagine it was extremely chaotic.  We greatly appreciated the donation of colouring books and crayons that you sent and I know the children that received them were very lucky indeed. 
Thank you for the very special gift of crystal, it was greatly appreciated! I was not expecting anything, so thank you so much! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! 

Lisa Nielsen
Christmas Program Coordinator
The Salvation Army
Community Services (Calgary)

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Hi Roxanne,

Please know that the colouring books & crayons were very much appreciated. We’ve received feedback from some of the parents that they were happy to see activities included with the toys this year. So again, we thank you for thinking of us. We were giving out toys right up until and including the 25th. Thanks again and we hope you have a very Happy New Year.  

Cheers, Jane Ellen, Jane Ellen Forbes, Community Ministries Manager
The Salvation Army, Community Services (Calgary)