1. "Big International arts people.. very beautifully done video RoX and Thanks for including me with this group!!"  Nancy Bechtol,  Artist; Media Specialist; APA Photojournalist (USA)
  2. "Thanks for everything Rox: the input, the insights and your wonderful creativity!"  David Poulter, Artist, Teacher (Taiwan/UK)
  3. "A very well presented video! Well done to Roxanne and happy 5 year anniversary and to you all for your hard work on Levure Litteraire! Linda Ibbotson poet, artist and photographer (Ireland)
  4. "Congrats and many thanks for your dedication and efforts to the world artistic community." ​Constantin Severin Artist (Romania)
  5. "Thank you Roxanne! What a great video! My gratitude to LL team for an outstanding publication!  [💕] ​Silva Zanoyan Merjanian Poet (Lebanon/USA)
Artistic Director for Intl. Levure littéraire,
inspired to feature the following gifted talent..

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Creativity Abounds

Dear Roxanne-san,

What an astonishing work you did. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I’m very much delighted with the movie. I wish I had the ability to make use of the high technologies like you. I appreciate your patronage very much. Have a peaceful Evening !!

Kintaro Ishikawa Artist ​(Japan)

​​Worth A Thousand Words


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Roxanne has a true knack for blending the artistic with technology! She designed a beautiful musical /video clip, based on my poetry. Hear Me Sing Book I  (Edery, R. 2016).  I was delighted! I highly recommend her work :) -Rivka Edery, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Psychotherapist, Author (USA)

"I've never seen my book "Vital Foresight" communicated in such a warm way before, as in this inspirational promotional video from Roxanne Brousseau-Félio"David Wood, Chair of London Futurists. Author of "Vital Foresight".